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Tackle Twill Sew File – 1 Color

STEPS INVOLVED: Create your player/team name in Illustrator. Size it exactly how you want it. Make sure your Artboard completely contains your file. Export as a Windows Meta File (WMF). In TwillStitch Pro go to File - Import Artwork. Copy your layer, then right-click a color to change its color. Paste your [...]

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The Heart of Google

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4npSwcul24I Suggestions for making Google Drive the heart of all Google services. 00:30 - Better Excel Viewing 00:57 - Google Apps Templates 01:40 - Picasa Albums 02:21 - Google Music File Manager 03:06 - YouTube "Upload from Drive" 04:27 - Blogger Galleries 05:46 - Google Play Books 06:29 - GOOGLE KEEP SHARING!! 06:58 - Smarter [...]

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Stop The Bats (Nightmare Before Christmas VS My Little Pony)

My daughter watches My Little Pony all the time and there was this episode with this song in it. My wife and I are BIG time Nightmare Before Christmas fans so when we heard this song it was stuck in our heads for weeks. So we did a cover of it.

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Stop The Bats (NBC vs MLP)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvQPhe8E4x8 "Stop the Bats" from My Little Pony done Nightmare Before Christmas style. DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE HERE: Audio-only version featuring my wife doing Flutteryshy and Rarity's parts (she didn't want to be in the video): https://soundcloud.com/distortionmethod/stop-the-bats-cover Obviously I don't call myself a singer but the original song from My Little Pony made me think of Nightmare [...]

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Pokemon Battle!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWuJ1EpRkA0 0:05 - Pokemon Google Maps - http://goo.gl/R8QoHj 0:55 - Coffee To Home - http://goo.gl/5iak2q 1:20 - Amazon Fire TV - http://goo.gl/WK6pXe 4:19 - Android TV? - http://goo.gl/fETv4k What did you think of Google's April Fool's jokes? What are your thoughts on the Amazon Fire TV? Are you interested in the rumored Android TV?

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Android Wear Announcement

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqkNDiPTMEU   Earlier this week Google announced Android Wear to extend Android apps and notifications to wearable devices. What are your thoughts on the preview? What do you feel an Android smart watch MUST have to be compelling enough for you to buy it? What's the minimum battery life you'd require out of it?

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