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Email Marketing

I’ve managed and implemented many email marketing campaigns over the years. The earliest being for Sportco Sporting Goods to drive awareness to the company’s vast printing production capabilities. Customers had been going to them for many years without knowing there was a full-service production facility in the back of the store.

While rebranding Sniffany & Company I launched a campaign via email and on social media, to drive more traffic to their website and increase awareness of their grooming services and their freshly baked homemade pet treats. The campaign resulted in a 28% increase in web traffic and saw a 74% rise in email open rates.

During my time as Creative Director for the Passion Parties, Inc. corporate office I managed all of the email design, coding (HTML/CSS from scratch), scheduling, and reporting for all of the company’s email blasts. Often managing and scheduling between 4 to 12 email blasts a day. This redesign included all backoffice email communications used by the Consultants to promote to their customers.