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Video & Motion Graphics

I’ve always had a keen eye for video production. From framing the shot to focus your attention, to editing footage together in a way that keeps your attention.

For a few years I hosted a live web-based tech show. Live is a totally different story. Especially when your co-host lives across the country!

I’ve produced 360-degree Virtual Reality footage, cut a 25-minute interview into a much more interesting and watchable 2-minutes, and utilized kinetic typography to create a series of visually appealing “bite-sized content” videos for a social media campaign.

I’ve also used my super powers to make “unusable footage” usable again, whether it be motion-tracking to blur out a moving logo, restoring audio, or cutting up footage to cleverly hide mistakes. I once even had to edit the director out of a shot because he was still in frame when he yelled “action”.