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Web Site Design

I remember getting my first computer during middle school (with a whopping 6GB hard drive). Jamming to the sound of the dial-up modem (which the kids now call “dubstep”) before surfing the web and wondering, “How do they do that?”

My first experiences with web design involved slicing images in Photoshop and writing all my HTML and CSS code from scratch in a blank Notepad.

While overseeing the creative department at the Passion Parties, Inc. corporate office I noticed a lot of Consultant resources were scattered across multiple web properties. I directed the process of consolidating all of these into one cohesive entity that was redesigned to elevate the Passion Parties identity.

When I took on rebranding Sniffany & Company their web site was also redesigned to include an online store and appointment booking tool. This introduced them to the market of online sales and led to a roughly 30% increase in grooming appointments.